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Title: Sholem Aleykhem (Goldfarb) -- שלוֹם עליכם (גאָלדפֿאַרב)
Also known as: Zay Gezunt (Zamberg)
Author: Zanberg, Paul
Composer: Tobias, Harry
Composer: Goldfarb, Rabbi Israel
Composer: Goldfarb, Samuel E.
Genre: Hymn/Zmiros/Sabbath
Subject: Angels/Peace/Sabbath
Origin: Coopersmith NJS 78/Pasternak CH 68/Alb Y-003(a)/Zim 14/Goldfarb 3 84
Transliteration: Zim 13/Alb M-030(a)/Boiberik 07/Alb J-030(a)/Goldfarb 1 173/Goldfarb 3 84
Translation: Alb J-030(a)/Zim 14/Coopersmith 78/Boiberik 07/Pasternak CH 68
Music: Coopersmith NJS 78/Zim 13/Pasternak CH 54/Goldfarb 1 173
On album: R-024(a) (Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen A Montage/Documentary)
Track ID: 14123
Artist Fiedman, Giora
Narrator Willens, Rita Jacobs
Track comment: Peace be with you, o ministering angels, messengers of...
Style: Instrumental

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