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Name: Glazerson, M. and Benjamin Muller

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Title: Simon Tov Vemazl Tov -- סמן טוֹב וּמזל טוֹב
Genre: Folk
Subject: Celebration/Joy/Congratulatgion/Rite
Origin: Pasternak CH 153/Alb E-009(a)/Alb J-034(a)/Alb E-018(b)/Alb J-034(a)
Transliteration: Alb L-024(b)/Alb E-018(b)/Pasternak CH 125/Alb E-009(a)/
Translation: Pasternak CH 153/Alb L-024(b)/Alb J-034(a)
On album: M-028(a) (Benjamin Muller Sings Chassidic Sound Of Africa -- צליל חסידי אפריקה)
Track ID: 14469
Composer Glazerson, M. and Benjamin Muller
Artist Avronin, A (Heb) א. אברונין (יברית)
Artist Antwerp Symphony Orch and Choir
First line: Simon tov umazl tov, umazl tov usimon tov, yehey lanu...
First line (Hebrew):סמן טוֹב וּמזל טוֹב, וּמזל טוב וּסמן טוֹב יהא לנוּ וּלכל ישׂראל,
Track comment: Auspicious signs and good fortune, may these be unto us...
Language: Hebrew

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