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Name: Glinka, Mikhail
Born: 1804
Died: 1857

Songs written or composed

Title: Akh Ty Dushechka
Also known as: Ah My Darling
Composer: Glinka, Mikhail
Genre: Love/Folk
Subject: Maiden/Rejection/Waiting
Origin: Alb D-004(o)
Transliteration: Alb D-004(o)
Translation: Alb D-004(o)
Additional song notes: See "Ah My Darling"


On album: D-004(a) (Louis Danto Sings Russian Folk Songs)
Track ID: 1006
Vocal Danto, Khazn Louis -- דאַנטאָ, חזן לואיס
Piano Basilevsky, Ivan
Accordion Kalbouss, Lonya
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Recorded under "Oh My Darling"
Language: Russian
Style: Concert

On album: D-004(o) (Russian Romantic Songs/ Louis Danto, Tenor/ Hans -Dieter Wagner, Piano)
Track ID: 33186
Vocal Danto, Khazn Louis -- דאַנטאָ, חזן לואיס
Piano Wagner, Hans-Dieter
Language: Russian
Style: Concert
Length: 1:41

Title: The Lonely Bell (Kolokolchick)
Composer: Glinka, Mikhail


On album: xD-004(a)
Track ID: 15126
Vocal Danto, Khazn Louis -- דאַנטאָ, חזן לואיס
Piano Basilevsky, Ivan
Track comment: Recorded under "The Lonely Bell"

On album: R-057(a) (Original Russian Cossack Music from the Urals/ Conductor Michail Minsky)
Track ID: 38243
Conductor Minsky, Michail
Language: Russian
Length: 3:31

Title: I Remember A Wonderful Moment
Author: Pushkin, Alexander
Composer: Glinka, Mikhail
Genre: Aria
Additional song notes: Ein Augenblick Ist Mein Gewesen


On album: A-005(f) (Misha Alexandrovich - "The Wunderkind")
Track ID: 31133
Vocal Alexandrovitch, Khazn Misha -- אַלעקסאַנדראָװיטש, חזן מישאַ
Language: Russian
Style: Concert
Length: 3:43

Title: Der Zing Foygel -- דער זינג פֿויגל
Author: Reisen, Avrom -- רײזען, אַבֿרהם
Composer: Glinka, Mikhail
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Lark/Bird/
Song Comment: Song/Love/Memory

Sheet music:

Folder: 577
Series: 4
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Translator: Brody, Alter/ English Translator
Texts: Yiddish/Transliteration/English
Publisher: Metro Music Co.
Publisher address: 58 Second Ave, New York, NY
Date: 1928
Provenance: Schper-Rosenthal Sheet Music Collection, Gift of Faye & Jerry Rosenthal
Mel & Shrifra Gold Project, NYBC Catlg #: 317
First line: Tzvishen himel un der erd, hert a lid zikh trogn….
First line (Yiddish): צווישן הימל און דער ערד, הערט אַ ליד זיך טראָגן,
Notes: Dark blue lettering, Ornate frame with floral decorations and drawing of small bird. English title given as "The Lark" Yiddish by A. Reisen. Price 30 cents. Four verses in Yiddish and English on back cover.

Title: Yoshke Fun Odes -- יאָשקע פֿון אָדעס
Author: Flaksman, Berta
Composer: Glinka, Mikhail
Composer: Erdenko, Sergei
Genre: Literary Origin/Doine/Klezmer
Subject: Song/Germans/Revenge/Punishment/Hitler/Facists
Translation: Alb L-066(a)
Additional song notes: Russian traanslation with album notes Music based on "The Skylark" by Glinka and additional sections by Erdenko


On album: Y-066(a) (Yiddish Glory: The Lost Songs of World War II/ Collaboration of Psoy Korolenko and Anna Shternshis)
Track ID: 42937
Trumpet Buchbinder, David
Violin, Piano, Backing Vocals Gorbenko, Artur
Arranger/Additional Instrumental Parts Erdenko, Sergei
Guitar, Backing Vocals Savichev, Mikhail
Accordion Sevastian, Alexander
Clarinet Bard, Shalom
Vocal Meyerzon, Y.
First line: Fun der haytiiker milkhume vel ikh lider zingen, az me zol di gantse velt mit di lider klingen, vi s'iz forgekumen dort
First line (Yiddish):פֿון דער הײַנטיקער מלחמהוועל איך לידער זינגען, אַז מע זאָל די גאַנצע וועלט מיט דע לידער קלינגען, ווי ס'איז פֿאָרגעקומען
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Doyne/Klezmer
Length: 6:21

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Farlaf's Rondo (Russian)
On album: B-003(v) (Sidor Belarsky Russian Operatic Arias)
Track ID: 5130
Artist Belarsky, Sidor -- בעלאַרסקי, סידאָר
Composer Glinka, Mikhail
Track comment: From "Russlan and Ludmilla" - Patter song
Language: Russian
Length: 4:55

Title: Sussanin's Aria (Russian)
On album: B-003(v) (Sidor Belarsky Russian Operatic Arias)
Track ID: 14738
Composer Glinka, Mikhail
Artist Belarsky, Sidor -- בעלאַרסקי, סידאָר
Track comment: From "A Life for the Tzar"
Language: Russian
Length: 2:15

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