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Title: A Yidishe Mame -- אַ ייִדישע מאַמע
Also known as: Yiddishe Mame
Author: Yellen, Jack
Author: Pollack, Lou -- פּאָלעק, לאָו
Composer: Pollack, Lou -- פּאָלעק, לאָו
Composer: Yellen, Jack
Genre: Memory/Family
Subject: Mother/Constancy/Devotion/Immigration
Origin: GYF 80/Alb F-024(e)/Alb K-007(b)/ Vinkov 5 301
Transliteration: Alb F-042(a)/Alb L-048(a)/Alb H-006(a)/Alb K-007(b)/GYF 83/Al K-022(b)
Translation: GYF 83/Alb I-013(a)/Alb H-006(a)/Alb R-009(b)/Alb K-059(d)/Vinkov 4 301
Music: GYF 81/Gold Zem 310/Vinkov 5 301
On album: K-026(l)1 (The Soul Of Klezmer/ Reve Et Passion/ Fantasy And Passion 1)
Track ID: 27398
Artist: Epstein Brothers Orchestra
Vocal Gold, Ave
First line: My Yidishe mame, es gibt nit beser in der velt.
First line:מײַ ייִדישע מאַמע, עס גיבט ניט בעסער אין דער װעלט.
Track comment: From Filmscore "A Tickle In The Heart)
Language: English/Yiddish

Contact: yidsong@pobox.upenn.edu