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Name: Goodheart, A. and Miriam Kressyn

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Title: Mamele (Goodheart) -- מאַמעלע (גאָדהאַרט)
Author: Alstone, Alex
Author: Parish, Mitchell
Composer: Goodheart, A.
Genre: Nostalgia
Subject: Mother/Shabos/Sabbath/Candles
Origin: Alb L-023(a)
Transliteration: Alb L-023(a)
Translation: Alb L-023(a)

Related information in folder 511:On album: F-020(d) (Leo Fuld My Yiddishe Mama)
Track ID: 9724
Composer Goodheart, A. and Miriam Kressyn
Artist Fuld, Leo -- פֿולד, לעאָ
Artist Scheffer, Pi., orch arr & cond
First line: Mamele, mamele, mit libshaft vel ikh rufn dikh, mamele,
First line (English Yiddish):מאַמעלע, מאַמעלע, מיט ליבשאַפֿט װעל איך רופֿן דיך, מאַמעלע,
Language: English Yiddish

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