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Name: Greenspan, F.
Name (Yiddish): גרנשׁפּן, פ.

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Title: Kemekh Min Hasak (Heb) -- קמח מן השׂק (עבֿרית)
On album: W-022(a) (The Chanukah Story sung by The Western Wind)
Track ID: 18304
Author Bass, Sh. -- בּס, ש.
Composer Greenspan, F. -- גרנשׁפּן, פ.
Artist Western Wind Ensemble
Narrator Bikel, Theodore
First line: Kemekh, kemekh min hasak, shemen, shemen min hakad,
First line (Hebrew):קמח, קמח מן השׂק, שׁמן, שׁמן מן הכּד, חנכּה היוֹם.
Track comment: Flour from the sack, oil from the pitcher, its khanuke...
Language: Hebrew

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