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Name: Handy, W. C.

Songs written or composed

Title: St. Looey Blues (Parody)
Composer: Handy, W. C.
Genre: Parody/Novelty/Dialect


On album: K-022(c) (Mickey Katz Greatest Hits (Orig "Comin Round the Katzkills"))
Track ID: 14669
Vocal/Orchestra Leader Katz, Mickey
Artist: Mickey Katz Orchestra
First line: Oh, I hate to see that evenen sun go down, Ikh glakh nit...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Yinglish

Other tracks with this artist

Title: St Louis Blues (Instr)
On album: G-063(a) (Boris Gammer The Jerusalem Jazz Band Songs My Father Played -- בוריס גאמר ג'אז בנד ירושלים שירים שאבא ניגן דיקסי-פֿרײלעך)
Track ID: 24787
Composer Handy, W. C.
Artist Jerusalem Jazz Band -- ג'אז בנד ירושלים

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