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Name: Haparnas, Willy, baritone

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Title: Lament For The Victims... -- שירה שיר
Author: Katzenelson, Yitzkhak -- כצנלסון, יצחק
Composer: Gelbrun, Artur
Genre: Holocaust/Classical/Cantata/Lament
Origin: Alb G-010(a)/ Portion of Hebrew Text Ephemera 1197
Translation: Alb G-010(a)
Additional song notes: With excerpts from "The Murdered Jewsh Nation"
On album: G-010(a) (Artur Gelbrun Lament For the Victims of the Warsaw Ghetto)
Track ID: 19155
Vocal Haparnas, Willy, baritone
Artist: Israel Brdcstng Symph Orch & Choir
Conductor Gelbrun, Artur
First line (Hebrew):שירה נא! קח נבלך ביד, חלול ומערטל וקל.
Language: Hebrew
Style: Classical/Cantata

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