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Name: Hed Arzi Singers
Name (Yiddish): להקת הד ארצי

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Title: Erev Ba -- ערב בּא
Also known as: Night (Erev Ba)
Author: Avishar, Oded -- אבישר, עודד
Composer: Levenon, Arye -- לבנון, אריה
Genre: Israeli
Subject: Evening/Night Fall/Pastoral/Flocks
Song Comment: Evening Comes
Origin: Bekol Ram 65/Alb S-033(a)/Alb R-022(a)/
Transliteration: Bekol Ram 65/Alb K-001(c)/Alb R-022(a)/Alb S-033(a)/Alb B-007(m)/Ephemera 981
Translation: Alb D-012(h)/Alb Y-018(d)/Bekol Ram 66/Alb K-001(c)/Alb B-007(m)/Ephemera 981

Related information in folder 981:On album: I-011(b)2 (The Great Songs Of the Last 30 Years Second Album of Three -- השירים הגדולים של 30 השנים)
Track ID: 4707
Vocal Hed Arzi Singers -- להקת הד ארצי
First line: Shuv ha'eder noher, bim'vo'ot hak'far V'ole ha'avek,
First line (Hebrew):שוב העדר נוהר, בּמבואות הכּפר ועולה האבק, משבילי עפר.
Track comment: Again the flocks wander along the village street and the...
Language: Hebrew

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