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Name: Hoffman, David

Songs written or composed

Title: Ma Tovu (Hoffman) -- מה-טבוּ (האָפֿמאַן)
Composer: Hoffman, David
Genre: Biblical/Prayer
Subject: Dwellings/Goodness/Numbers 024:05
Origin: Alb B-033(g)
Translation: Alb M-038(a)/CD G-056(b)Alb D-012(f)/Alb M-019(a)


On album: A-010(a) (Arbaa Kolot Del Mesias Y Del)
Track ID: 9540
Vocal Arbaa Kolot -- ארבּעה קוֹלוֹת
Artist Koffman, David & Ron Isaacs
Artist Rosen, Maru & Holly Lipton
First line (Hebrew):מה-טבוּ אהליך יעקב. משכּנתיך ישׂראל: ואני בּרב חסדך. אבא ביתך.
Track comment: "How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places..."
Language: Hebrew

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Nerven Mit Vantsn (Parody) -- נערװען מיט װאַנצן (פּאַדאָדי)
On album: xS-022(d)
Track ID: 10986
Composer Hoffman, David
Vocal Shapiro, Yaacov -- שאַפּיראָ, יעקבֿ
Director/Arranger Moskowitz, Martin -- מוסקוביץ, מרטין
First line: Nerven mit vantsn nemen zikh tantsn, s'iz a geruder in shtot
First line:נערװען מיט װאַנצן נעמען זיך טאַנצן, ס'איז אַ גערודער אין שטאָט
Track comment: See also "The Baby The Bubbe And You"

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