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Title: Songs Of The River -- משירי הנחל
Author: Goldberg, Leah -- גולדבּרג, לאה
Composer: Gelbrun, Artur
Genre: Literary Origin/Metaphor
Subject: River/Constancy
Origin: Alb G-10(a)
Translation: Alb G-10(a)
Additional song notes: Song Cycle of poems by Leah Goldberg. Music composed in 1959 and performed in Jerusalem 1961
On album: G-010(a) (Artur Gelbrun Lament For the Victims of the Warsaw Ghetto)
Track ID: 19156
Vocal Teller, Freydl
Artist Israel Brdcstng Symph Orch
Artist Singer, George, conductor
Track comment: Series of Poems See also Mintz p 228 for text and transl
Language: Hebrew

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