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Title: Lekhaim (Almani) -- לחיים (אלמוני)
Subject: Jerusalem/Toast
On album: J-009(a)
Track ID: 9018
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
Style: Instrumental

Title: A Yidishe Mame -- אַ ייִדישע מאַמע
Also known as: Yidishe Mame
Also known as: My Yidishe Mame
Author: Yellen, Jack
Author: Pollack, Lou -- פּאָלעק, לאָו
Composer: Pollack, Lou -- פּאָלעק, לאָו
Composer: Yellen, Jack
Genre: Memory/Family
Subject: Mother/Constancy/Devotion/Immigration
Origin: GYF 80/Alb F-024(e)/Alb K-007(b)/ Vinkov 4 301
Transliteration: Alb F-042(a)/Alb L-048(a)/Alb H-006(a)/Alb K-007(b)/GYF 83/Al K-022(b)
Translation: GYF 83/Alb I-013(a)/Alb H-006(a)/Alb R-009(b)/Alb K-059(d)/Vinkov 4 301
Music: GYF 81/Gold Zem 310/Vinkov 4 301
On album: J-009(a)
Track ID: 761
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
First line: Ver bashitst un bashirent dos kind, fun der shvartser tog...
First line:װער באַשיצט און באַשירענט דאָס קינד פֿון דער שװאַרצער טאָג און...
Style: Instrumental

Title: Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn -- בײַ מיר ביסטו שײן (ענגליש)
Author: Jacobs, Jacob -- זשאַקאָבס, זשאַקאָב
Author: Cahn, Sammy
Author: Chapin, Harry
Composer: Secunda, Sholom -- סעקונדאַ, שלום
Genre: Theatre/American/Pop/Swing
Subject: Love/Beauty/Appearance
Origin: GYF 40/Alb F-024(e)/Alb K-029(e)/Alb G-035(b)
Transliteration: Estella 4/Alb K-007(a)/GYF 43/Alb K-059(d)/
Translation: GYF 43/
Music: Estalla 4/GYF 41/
On album: J-009(a)
Track ID: 2070
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
Style: Instrumental

Title: Di Grine Kuzine -- די גרינע קוזינע
Also known as: Kuzine (Di Grine Kuzine)
Author: Leyzerovitz, Yakov -- לײזעראָװיץ, יעקבֿ
Composer: Schwartz, Abe -- שװאַרץ, אײב
Genre: Immigration/Lament
Subject: Immigration/Poverty/Occupation/Milliner/Aging/Disillusion
Origin: Mayzl 600/Alb Z-012(a)/Levin N 92
Transliteration: Levin N 92/Alb B-007(c)/Alb Z-012(a)/Gottlieb 290/Alb B-095(b)
Translation: Levin N 92/Alb Z-012(a)/Alb B-007(c)/Gottlieb 290/Alb B-095(b)
Music: Warem 45/Alb Z-012(a)/Levin N 92
Additional song notes: See "My Little Cousin" for American swing version. Lyrics claimed by Hyman Prizant and others. Text is by Leyzerovitz as credited by Meizel. See Max Rosenfeld's papers re respecting Leyzerovitz's loss of copyright lawsuit. See Gottlieb p. 147. See Ephemera 80 for singable English adapation by Edith Finell.

Related information in folder 408:On album: B-028(j)
Track ID: 3606
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
First line: Es iz tsu mir gekumen a kuzine, sheyn vi gold iz zi geven di grine, bekelekh...
First line (Yiddish):עס איז צו מיר געקומען אַ קוזינע, שײן װי גאָלד איז זי געװען, די גרינע, בעקעלעך
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Does this version have variant verses?
Language: Yiddish

Title: Eyshes Khayil (Lillian, Rumshinsky) -- אשת חיל (ליליאַן, רומשינסקי)
Author: Lillian, Isadore -- ליליאַן, איסאַדאָר
Composer: Rumshinsky, Yosef -- רומשינסקי, יאָסף
Genre: Theatre/Biblical
Subject: Wife/Constancy/Love/Shabos/Home
Origin: Metro Scher 29
Transliteration: Alb D-004(k)/Metro Scher 6
Translation: Alb D-0004(k)
Music: Metro Scher 6
Additional song notes: A Woman of Valor
On album: J-009(a)
Track ID: 5045
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
Style: Instrumental

Title: Hatikva -- התקוה
Author: Imber, Naftali Herz -- אימבּר, נפתלי ה.
Genre: Anthem/Zionist
Subject: Hope
Song Comment: Yiddish Translation Ephemera 455
Origin: Netzer 5/Alb G-056(b)/Coopersmith SOZ 229/Metro Scher 31/Metro Album 36
Transliteration: Netzer 5/Alb G-056(b)/Alb S-092(a)/Alb B-067(a)/Vorbei 426/Metro Scher 28/
Translation: Alb B-067(a)/Alb J-007(a)/Alb S-092(a)/Vorbei 426/Binder 40
Music: Netzer 5/Coopersmith SOZ 229/Metro Scher 28/Binder 40/
Additional song notes: Remember that text changed after establishment of the State of - Israel. See Heskes 1, index for various entries respecting sheet - musi/ See also Vorbei 211 and 426 for history of the song. One Samuel Cohen set the text to a Moldavian Melody, "Carul ca Boi" (The Wagon and the Ox).

Related information in folder 410:On album: J-009(a)
Track ID: 6204
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
First line: Kol od balevav penima, Nefesh yehudi homiya, Ulfa'atey...
First line:כּל עוֹד בּלבב פּנימה, נפש יהוּדי הוֹמיה. וּלפאתי מזרח קדימה עין...
Track comment: "So long as still within our breasts, The Jewish heart..."
Style: Instrumental/Orchestral

Title: Hava Nagila (Nathanson) -- הבה נגילה
Also known as: Kene Hora (Hava Nagila)
Also known as: Living With the H Tune
Author: Nathanson, Moshe
Genre: Folk/Hora
Subject: Dance/Celebration/Joy
Song Comment: See Page 130 for extended info on the song
Origin: Coopersmith NJS 111/Nath 15/Alb S-033(a)/Alb Z-013(a)/Alb N-014(a)
Transliteration: Alb N-014(a)/Coopersmith NJS 111/Alb N-014(b)/Alb S-033(a)/Alb K-007(a)
Translation: Coopersmith NJS 111/Alb S-033(a)/Alb Z-013(a)/Alb N-014(b)/Alb B-032(a)
Music: Coopersmith NJS 111/Nath 15/Pasternak BHN 130/Metro Scher 26
Additional song notes: Originally Chassidic Sadigurer (Bukovina, Poland) nigun. Text - claimed by Idelsohn, but text usually attributed to Moshe - Nathanson. See Pasternak's "Beyond Hava Nagila" p 130: Nulman, p - 102.

Related information in folder 832:On album: J-009(a)
Track ID: 6275
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
Style: Instrumental

Title: Ikh Hob Dikh Tsu Fil Lib -- איך האָב דיך צו פֿיל ליב
Also known as: I Love You Much Too Much
Author: Tauber, Chaim Shmuel (Shami) טױבער, חיים שמואל (שמאי)
Composer: Olshanetsky, Alexander -- אָלשאַנעצקי, אַלעקסאַנדער
Genre: Theater/Lament
Subject: Anger/Love/Rejection
Song Comment: From the play "Di Katerinshtshik" (The Organ Grinder), 1934/ See Heskes 2533
Origin: Alb T-005(c)/Metro Scher 29
Transliteration: Alb K-007(b)/Alb K-029(f)/Alb K-022(b)/Alb J-024(a)1/CD B-075(a)/CD F-042(a)/
Translation: Alb K-022(b)/Alb T-015(c)/Alb K-029(f)/Alb J-025(a)1/CD B-075(a)/CD F-042(a)
Music: Metro Scher 2
Additional song notes: I Love You Much To Much

Related information in folder 122:On album: J-009(a)
Track ID: 7167
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
First line: Ikh hob dikh tsufil lib, tsu zayn oyf dir in kas,
First line:איך האָב דיך צו פֿיל ליב, צו זײַן אױף דיר אין כּעס,
Style: Instrumental

Title: Papirosn -- פּאַפּיראָסן
Also known as: A Kalte Nakht
Also known as: A Kalte Nakht (Papirosn)
Also known as: El Chiclerito
Also known as: Freylekhe Yidelekh
Also known as: Sigaryot
Also known as: Kupite Papirosy
Author: Yablakoff, Herman -- יאַבלאַקאָף, הערמאַן
Composer: Yablakoff, Herman -- יאַבלאַקאָף, הערמאַן
Genre: Theatre/Lament
Subject: Occupation/Cigarette Seller/Misfortune/Family
Origin: Levin N 90/GYF 16/Alb L-023(a)/ML PYS 267/Alb F-024(e)/Alb G-035(b)
Transliteration: Levin N 90/Alb L-023(a)/Alb K-007(b)/GYF 19/Alb F-042(a)/Alb L-048(a)
Translation: Alb G-013(c)/GYF 19/Alb B-046(a)/Alb L-023(a)/Alb F-036(a)/Alb A-036(a
Music: Levin N 90/Estella 10/GYF 17/ML PYS 267
Additional song notes: Cigarettes/Author was inspired to write song after seeing child peddlers during German occupation of Grodno in WWI. See liner notes Alb S-083(a)
On album: J-009(a)
Track ID: 12099
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
First line: A kalte nakht, a nebldike finster umetum, shteyt a…
First line:אַ קאַלטע נאַכט, אַ נעפלדיקע פינסטער אומעטום, שטײט א יִנגעלע...
Style: Instrumental

Title: Rumenye, Rumenye -- רומעניע, רומעניע
Author: Lebedeff, Aaron -- לעבעדאָװ, אהרן
Composer: Lebedeff, Aaron -- לעבעדאָװ, אהרן
Genre: Theatre/Vaudville/Shund/Double Entendre/Skat/Humorous/Nostal
Subject: Rumania/Place/Food/Women
Origin: GYF 12
Transliteration: Alb G-013(c)/CD K-068(e)/AAlb L-002(a)Alb L-023(a)/Alb J-24(a)1
Translation: Alb J-024(a)1/GYF 12/Alb K-029(g)/Alb L-002(a)/Alb W-031(a)
Music: Warem 175/GYF 12

Related information in folder 397:On album: J-009(a)
Track ID: 13065
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
First line: Ekh! Rumania, geven a mol a land a zise, a sheyne.
First line (Instrumental):עך, רומעניע, געװען אַ מאָל אַ לאַנד אַ זיסע, אַ שײנע.
Language: Instrumental

Title: Tumbalalajka -- טום בלליקה
Also known as: Tum Balalayke
Also known as: Twistin' The Freylekhs (Instr)
Also known as: Play Balalaike
On album: J-009(a)
Track ID: 15815
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
First line: Shteyt a bokher un er trakht, Trakht un trakht a gantse...
First line:שטײט אַ בחור און ער טראַכט, טראַכט און טראַכט אַ גאַנצע נאַכט,
Style: Instrumental

Title: Vos Geven Iz Geven Un Nito -- װאָס געװען איז געװען און ניטאָ
Also known as: Vos Geven Iz Nishtu
Author: Meyerowitz, David -- מײעראָװיץ, דוד
Composer: Meyerowitz, David -- מײעראָװיץ, דוד
Genre: Theatre/Vaudeville/Lament
Subject: Aging/Memory
Origin: ML PYS 274
Transliteration: Warem 224/ML PYS 274/Alb J-024(a)1/Estella 8
Translation: Alb T-015(a)/Alb J-024(a)1
Music: Warem 224/ML PYS 275/Estella 8
Additional song notes: What Was Once Is No More
On album: J-009(a)
Track ID: 16688
Artist: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra
Artist: Jenkins, Gordon
Style: Instrumental

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