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Name: Johnson, Sandra

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Title: Shtiler Shtiler (Kaczerginski) -- שטילער שטילער (קאַטשערגינסקי)
Also known as: Ponar
Also known as: Ponar Lid
Also known as: Ponar Vig Lid
Also known as: Poner
Author: Kaczerginski, Shmerke -- קאַטשערגינסקי, שמערקע
Composer: Tamir, A. -- װאָלקאָװיסקי, אַלעקסאַנדער
Genre: Holocaust/Place/Lullaby/ Vig Lid
Subject: Ponar/Hope
Origin: Ephemera 1203/Kaczer 88/Alb V-001(a)/Alb B-003(a)/Alb V-001(c)/Vinkov 4 84
Transliteration: ML WAH 46/Alb D-004(n)/Alb G-005(b)/Alb K-059(c)/Alb F-042(a)/Vinkov 4 84
Translation: Ephemera 1204/Alb-004(n)/ML WAH 46/Alb K-059(c)/Alb G-005(b)/Alb V-001(c)
Music: ML WAH 46/Vinkov 4 84
Additional song notes: Hebrew Text in album notes for V-001(b) and Ephemera 1203 Music contest organized by Jewish Council of Vilna Ghetto won by 11 year old.

Related information in folder 544:On album: V-001(c)
Track ID: 14307
Artist: Johnson, Sandra
First line: Softly, softly, in the silence, graves around us grow --
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: English version by Gila Abrahamson
Language: English

Title: Skubidubidu
Author: Burstein, Mike -- בורשטײַן, מײַק
Composer: Seltzer, Dov -- זלצר, דב
On album: T-006(b)
Track ID: 14557
Artist: Johnson, Sandra
Artist: Seltzer, Dov -- זלצר, דב
First line: Baby, you're adorable, baby, you irresistable,
Track comment: From motion picture track "Kuni Leml B'tel Aviv"
Language: English

Title: Es Brent -- עס ברענט
Also known as: Undzer Shtetl Brent
Also known as: Haayara Boret
Also known as: Our Little Village Is Aflame
Author: Gebirtig, Mordkhe -- געבירטיג, מרדכי
Composer: Gebirtig, Mordkhe -- געבירטיג, מרדכי
Genre: Holocaust/
Subject: Catastrophe/Destruction/Pogrom/Resistance/Alarm/Warning
Origin: Ephemera 1203/Kaczer 330/ML WAH 12/Alb B-003(a)/Alb D-004(g)/Alb F-24(e)/
Transliteration: CD L-054(a)/ML WAH 12/Alb Z-010(g)/Mlot-Gott 12/Alb M-029(a)/Vinkov 4 62
Translation: Ephemera 1204/Alb M-029(a)/ML WAH 12/Alb R-033(a)/Alb Z-010(g)/Alb D-004(g)
Music: Kaczer 424/ML WAH 12/Vinkov 4 62
Additional song notes: It's Burning Written in 1938 following progrom in Przytk. Hebrew Adaptation with Album Notes V-001(b) and Ephemera 1203
On album: V-001(c)
Track ID: 4793
Artist: Johnson, Sandra
First line: Aflame, my brothers, aflame! O see, our little village is..
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Written in 1938 following progrom in Przytk.
Language: English

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