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Name: Kagan, Alex
Name (Yiddish): כּגן, אלכּס

Tracks with this artist

Title: Kokhi Holaykh Vodol (Heb) -- כּחי הוֹלך ודל (עבֿרית)
On album: A-001(d)
Track ID: 8548
Artist: Rakhel -- רחל
Artist: Kagan, Alex -- כּגן, אלכּס
Artist: Alberstein, Chava -- אַלבערשטײַן, חוה
First line: Kokhi Holaykh Vodol -- Hiya No Tov Ayli,
First line (Hebrew):כּחי הוֹלך ודל -- היה נא טוֹב אלי,
Track comment: My strength grows less and less. Be good to me,
Language: Hebrew

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