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Name: Khasidic Klezmer Ensemble

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Title: Di Sapozhkelekh -- די סאַפּאָזקעלעך
Also known as: Sapozhkelekh
Genre: Folk/Love
Subject: Love/Straw Boots/Sacrifice/Relationship
Origin: Alb R-034(c)/Alb R-034(c)/Alb K-051(b)CD M-066(a)ML SOG 30/C-060(a)
Transliteration: Alb C-035(e)/Alb K-051(b)/Alb K-029(f)/Alb R-034(c)/Alb K-30(d)/ML SOG 30
Translation: Alb K-029(f)/Alb K-042(b)//Alb F-036(a)/Alb L-038(a)/CD M-066(a)ML SOG 30
Music: ML SOG 30
Additional song notes: The Boots/ See Ephemera 80 for singable English adapation by Edith Finell. (A Klomke On A Tir)
On album: C-003(d) (Hassidic Tunes of Dancing & Rejoicing)
Track ID: 3763
Artist Khasidic Klezmer Ensemble
Track comment: Recorded as "Slow Hora" with "Keshiniver Shtikele"
Style: Instrumental

Title: Dos Keshenever Shtikele -- דאָס קעשענעװער שטיקעלע
Composer: Traditional
Genre: Place/Folk
Subject: Kishinev/Poverty/Troubles/Possessions/Riches/Celebration/
Transliteration: K-029(a)/K-029(f)/S-022(e)/Alb T-031(b)
Translation: K-029(a)/K-029(f)/Alb T-031(b)
Additional song notes: Earliest recording of his song in the archive is is on a 78rpm performed by Moyshe Oysher (catlg 043p) is designated as a "folk song". Liner notes in some Some later recordings credit Oysher as composer and lyricist. Liner notes on Album L-029(a) (Klezmer Conservatory) indicate that the music is "Traditional" and the lyrics are Oysher's version of the folk song "Mayn Tayere Kishenev"
On album: C-003(d) (Hassidic Tunes of Dancing & Rejoicing)
Track ID: 7927
Artist: Khasidic Klezmer Ensemble
Track comment: Recorded under "Slow Hora with "Walenstein's Nigun"
Style: Instrumental

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