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Name: Klein, Cantor Adina

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Title: Morenica
Also known as: La Morenica
Genre: Ladino/Folk/Sephardic
Subject: Love/Color/Sun/Sailors/Port
Origin: Alb V-009(b)/Alb T-025(a)/Alb L-038(a)
Translation: Alb V-009(b)/Alb T-025(a)/Alb L-038(a)/Alb C-023(h)
On album: C-023(h) (B'Kol Ishah The Voice of Women Cantors)
Track ID: 22486
Author Hemsi, Alberto
Composer Hemsi. Alberto
Vocal Klein, Cantor Adina
Piano Bartsch, Tom
First line: Morenica, a mi me llaman, yo blanca naci,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Recorded under La Morenica
Language: Ladino

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