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Name: Klein, Hazzan Adina

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Title: Modim Anakhnu Lakh (Heb) -- אַ דין-תּורה מיט גאָט
On album: C-023(h) (B'Kol Ishah The Voice of Women Cantors)
Track ID: 22475
Composer Rappaport, Cantor Yakov -- ראַפּעפּאָרט, חזן יעקבֿ
Artist Klein, Hazzan Adina
Piano Bartsch, Tom
First line (Hebrew):מוֹדים אנחנוּ לך, שׁאתּה הוּא יי אלהינוּ ואלהי אבוֹתינוּ לעוֹלם ועד.
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: We proclaim that You are the Lord our God and God of our...
Language: Hebrew

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