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Name: Kodaly, Zoltan
Born: December 16, 1882
Died: March 6, 1967 (Budapest, Hungary)

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Tracks with this artist

Title: Borukh Shem Kavod
On album: Z-015(a) (The Zemel Choir Conducted by Antony Saunders)
Track ID: 2563
Composer Kodaly, Zoltan
Artist Zemel Choir
Conductor Saunders, Antony
First line: Borukh shem kavod....
Language: Hebrew

Title: Borukh Shem Kavod
On album: C-018(b) (Cantica Hebraica 92nd Street Y Concert Series)
Track ID: 2564
Composer Kodaly, Zoltan
Choral Conductor Michno, Dennis
Language: Hebrew

Title: See The Gypsies (Eng)
On album: Z-008(a) (Shema Kolenu The Zimriyah Choir)
Track ID: 13303
Author Froom, Jacqueline
Artist Zimriyah Choir
Arranger Kodaly, Zoltan
Track comment: Music from Hungarian Folk Song

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