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Name: Kreyzler, Marcel, orchester
Name (Yiddish): קרײזלער, מאַרצל, אָרקעסטער

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Title: Hot A Yid A Vaybele -- האָט אַ ייִד אַ װײַבעלע
Author: Goldstein, Morris -- גאָלדשטייַן, מאָריס
Composer: Goldstein, Morris -- גאָלדשטייַן, מאָריס
Genre: Folk/Humorous
Subject: Marriage/Husband/Wife/Conflict/Incompetent/Food
Origin: Kammen JT 66/Sheet Music Dopsie 29
Transliteration: Rubin Voi 165/Kammen JT 32/Sheet Music Dopsie 29
Translation: Rubin Voi 165
Music: Kammen JT 32/Sheet Music Dopsie 29
Additional song notes: A Jew Has A Wife! See Israeli and Jewish Song Hits for the Eb Alto Saxaphone Kammen Jaff Book Index M108.I82 1963, P 12 for transliteration and music
On album: P-011(e) (Max Perlman Hot A Yid A Vaybele -- מאַקס פּערלמאַן האָט אַ ייִד אַ װײַבעלע)
Track ID: 6849
Artist Perlman, Max and Gita Galina -- פּערלמאַן, מאַקס און גיטאַ גאַלינאַ
Artist Kreyzler, Marcel, orchester -- קרײזלער, מאַרצל, אָרקעסטער
First line: Hot a Yid A vaybele, hot er fun ir tsores,
First line (Yiddish):האָט אַ ייִד אַ װײַבעלע, האָט ער פֿון איר צרות,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: From the play "Hot a Yid a Vaybele"
Language: Yiddish
Style: Instrumental

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