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Name: Aznavour, Charles

Songs written or composed

Title: Nokh Alts Klor -- נאָך אַלטס קלאָר
Author: Green, Martin
Composer: Aznavour, Charles
Genre: Adaptation
Subject: Lost Love/Memories/Arranged Marriage/Eduring Feeling
Song Comment: Based on song "Non, je n'ais rien oublie" by Charles Aznavour/ Oyfn Pripetshik
Transliteration: G-071(a)
Translation: G-071(a)


On album: G-071(a) (A Boy Named Sureh: Marty Green)
Track ID: 30933
Vocal/Piano/Synth Green, Martin
Vocal Green, Sharon
Guitar Schipper, Neil
Violin Bilash, Daria
Bass Guitar/Hammond B-3 Organ Gillies, Chris
First line: Nit umzist vos men zogt, s'iz do a kleyner velt…
First line (Yiddish):ביט אומזיסט וואָס מען זאָגט סיאיז אַ קליינער וועלט...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Folk/Pop

Title: Et Pourtant
Author: Aznavour, Charles


On album: D-006(B) (Yacov Dan For You)
Track ID: 35193
Vocal Dan, Yacov

Other tracks with this artist

Title: New York, New York (Yiddish) -- ניו יאָרק, ניו יאָרק (ייִדיש)
Genre: Pop/Jazz/Swing
Subject: New York
On album: T-019(a) (Tamara Songs of a Soviet Jewess)
Track ID: 17385
Author Aznavour, Charles
Composer Kretsmar, H.
Artist Tamara
Piano Shalit, Vladimir
First line: Zogt alemen...ikh kum gleykh tsu dir,
First line (Yiddish):זאָגט אַחעמען...איך קום גלײך צו דיר,
Language: Yiddish

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