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Name: Lewis, Ted

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Title: Medley Fox Trot (Instr)
On album: Y-021(a)2 (Yiddish New York - Paris - Varsovie 1910-1940 - CD 2)
Track ID: 23773
Artist: Lewis, Ted

Title: Egyptian Ella
Composer: Doyle, Walter
Genre: Novelty
Subject: Weight/Egypt/Fat Lady/Place/Nile/

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Track ID: 28554
Artist: Ted Lewis Orchestra
Artist: Lewis, Ted
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First line: Hey, you know, Ella was a handsome girl, ha ha, who started gettin' fat,
Track comment: Originaly recorded March 5, 1931, Columbia 2427 D
Language: English
Style: Jazz/Swing
Length: 03:23

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