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Name: Liberman, Lev

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Title: Bashana Haba'ah -- בּשנה הבּאה
Also known as: Anytime Of The Year
Also known as: Ir Vet Zen (Bashana Haba'ah, Yid)
Also known as: Next Year
Author: Manor, Ehud -- מנור, אהוד
Composer: Hirsh, Nurit -- הירש, נורית
Genre: Israeli/Modern/Pop
Subject: Peace/Future/Hope/Balcony/Next Year
Origin: Bekol Ram 141/Alb B-032(a)/Netzer 201/
Transliteration: Alb K-010(c)/Bekol Ram 141/Netzer 201/Alb E-007(a)/Alb B-032(a)/Alb L-078(a)
Translation: Bekol Ram 142/Alb B-032(a)/Alb E-007(a)/Alb 078(a)
Music: Netzer 201/Moskow SM 62
Additional song notes: See "Any Time of the Year" for info re English Version of Bashana Haba'ah
On album: M-014(a) (The Mishpokhe Yiddish and Israeli Songs and Dances)
Track ID: 1975
Artist Mishpokha, The Family
Vocal Liberman, Lev
First line: Bashana haba'ah. Neyshev al hamirpeset v'nispor tsiporim...
First line (Hebrew):בּשנה הבּאה. נשב על המרפּסת ונספּור צפּורים נודדות.
Track comment: "Next year, We'll sit on the porch and count migrating birds
Language: Hebrew

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