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Name: Liberman, Lev, lead vacal

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Title: Dem Ganevs Yikhes -- דעם גנבֿס יחוּס
Also known as: Dem Rebns Nign (Dem Ganevs...)
Also known as: Nign Khasidi
Also known as: Shmaravoznik
Also known as: Vos Bistu Broyges
Also known as: Vos Bistu Ketsele Broyges
Also known as: Yikhes
Genre: Folk/Underground/Thieves/Humorous/Insulting
Subject: Pedigree/Family/Father/Mother/Sister/Brother/Occupation
Song Comment: Same melody as "Dem Rebns Nigun"
Origin: Kotlansky 139/CD S-100(a)
Transliteration: Kotlansky 139/Alb K-020(a)/Alb O-009(a)/Alb J-024(a)CD L-054(a)
Translation: Alb J-024(a)/Alb O-009(a)/Kotylan 139/Alb Z-010(b)/CD S-100(a)/CD L-054(a)
Music: Kotlyan 140
On album: K-020(a) (The Klezmorim East Side Wedding)
Track ID: 2969
Artist Klezmorim -- קלעזמאָרים
Artist Liberman, Lev, lead vacal
Artist Liberman, Lev and David Gray, arr
First line: Vos zhe bistu, Motkele, broyges, un vos zhe hostu aropgelozt
First line (Yiddish):װאַס זשה ביסטו, מאָטקעלע, ברוגז, און װאָס זשע האָסטו...
Track comment: Translation on album notes by Dr. Martin Shwartz.
Language: Yiddish

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