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Name: Lifson, Sara
Name (Yiddish): ליפֿדון, שׂרה

Tracks with this artist

Title: Yidl Mitn Fidl -- ייִדל מיטן פֿידל
Author: Manger, Itzik -- מאַנגער, איציק
Composer: Ellstein, Abe -- עלשטײַן, אײב
Genre: Theatre/Folk
Subject: Klezmer/Musicians/Life/Nature/Joy
Origin: ML PYS 258/Alb L-044(c)/
Transliteration: Alb A-044(a)/Alb K-029(b)/ML PYS 258/Alb I-013(a)/Alb K-029(b)/Alb L-044(c)
Translation: Alb G-013(c)/Alb K-029(b)/ML PYS 258/Qalb L-044(c)/Alb B-122(a)
Music: Warem 240/ML PYS 258
Additional song notes: Little Jew With His Fiddle (?) From the film of the same name.

Related information in folder 1002:On album: M-003(d)
Track ID: 17530
Artist: Lifson, Sara -- ליפֿדון, שׂרה
First line: Yidl mitn fidl, Arye mitn bas, Dos leben iz a lidl,
First line (Yiddish):ייִדל מיטן פֿידל, עהריע מיטן באַס, דאָס לעבן איז אַ לידל,
Track comment: From film of same name with Molly Picon.
Language: Yiddish

Title: Ze Dos Kleydl, Tateshi (Hirsh) -- זע דאָס קלײדל, טאַטעשי (הירש)
Also known as: Oy Vi Sheyn
Author: Manger, Itzik -- מאַנגער, איציק
Composer: Kon, Henekh -- קאָן, הענעך
Genre: Theatre
Subject: Clothes/Styles/Father/Daughters
Origin: Manger Roz 329/CD S-100(a)
Translation: Alb T-015(a)/CD S-100(a)
Music: Manger Roz 329
Additional song notes: From the show "Dray Hotsmakhs" After the style of Goldfadden.
On album: M-003(d)
Track ID: 17958
Artist: Manger, Itzik -- מאַנגער, איציק
Artist: Kon, Henekh -- קאָן, הענעך
Artist: Lifson, Sara -- ליפֿדון, שׂרה
First line: Ze dos kleydl, tatishi, di same letste mode,
First line:זע דאָס קלײדל, טאַטעשי, די סאַמע לעצטע מאָדאַ,

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