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Title: Shomer Ma Milayla (Heb) -- שומר מה מליל (עבֿרית, מאַלאַמוד)
On album: I-010(a) (Songs of Hope)
Track ID: 14137
Author/Composer Malamud
Vocal Wilkomirsky, Abraham
Artist Tel Aviv Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Lavry, Marc -- לברי, מרק
First line: Shomer ma milayla (2x), hinay lo yanom yishan shomer yisroel
First line (Hebrew):שומר מא מליל (2), הנה לא ינום ולא יישן שומר ישׂראל.
Track comment: Watchman, what of the night, tell us watchman tell...
Language: Hebrew

Title: Soul Of Russia (Instr)
On album: L-018(a) (The Los Angeles Mandolin Orchestra Conducted by Joel Lish)
Track ID: 14656
Composer Malamud
Artist Los Angeles Mandolin Orchestra
Artist Lish, Joel, conductor

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