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Name: Masloub, Shiekh Al Rahim Al

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Title: Azamar Bishvokhin -- אזמר בּשבחין
Author: Luria, Rabbi Isaac
On album: A-045(a) (Atzilut Souls On Fire Music for the Kabbala -- אצילות)
Track ID: 27495
Author Luria, Rabbi Isaac
Composer Masloub, Shiekh Al Rahim Al
Artist: Kessler, Hazzan Jack & Atzilut -- אצילות
Director Kessler, Hazzan Jack, director
First line (Aramaic):אזמר בּשבחין למיעל גו פתחין. דבחקל תפוחין. דאנון קדישין:
Track comment: Let my song cut through all barriers to enter the gates of..
Language: Aramaic

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