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Name: Mindlin, Avrom

Songs written or composed

Title: Bakhanita
Author: Mindlin, Avrom
Composer: Mindlin, Avrom
Genre: Israel/Pop
Subject: Place/Khanita


On album: B-010(d) (Ben Bonus sings israeli songs in yiddish -Sing, Israel, Sing -- "זינג, ישׂראל, זינג")
Track ID: 1870
Artist Bonus, Ben -- באָנוס, בען
Artist Dan, Yoel, arr & cond -- דן, יואל, דיריגענט און באַארבעט
Track comment: "In the Town of Chanita"
Language: Hebrew
Style: Pop/Modern

Title: Bakhurim Bakhurot
Author: Fisher, Shmuel -- פֿישער, שמואל
Composer: Mindlin, Avrom
Genre: Israeli/March


On album: Z-010(l) (The Brothers Zim Let There Be Sholom)
Track ID: 18338
Vocal Zim, Brothers (Formerly "Zimel")
Artist Winternitz, Dr. Khanan -- וינטרניץ, ד"ר חנן
Language: Hebrew

On album: F-006(a) (An Evening With Nico Feldman Israeli & Yiddish Folk Songs)
Track ID: 1873
Vocal Feldman, Cantor Nico
Language: Hebrew

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Adama (Zeira)
Author: Zeira, Mordecai -- זעירא, מרדכי
Composer: Zeira, Mordecai -- זעירא, מרדכי
Genre: Israeli/Pioneer
Subject: Planting/Farming/Zionist/Peysekh
Additional song notes: Mother Earth
On album: B-056(b) (Halevi Choral Society/Orch Hall Concert Jacob Barkin, Tenor)
Track ID: 859
Composer Mindlin, Avrom
Vocal Barkin, Cantor Jacob -- באַרקין, חזן יעקבֿ
Artist Halevi Choral Society
Artist Reznick, Hyman, cond
Track comment: Part of 14 song medley under name "Ba'uverinnu"
Language: Hebrew

Title: Am Yisroel Chai Hora (Yid) -- עם ישׂראל חי האָרע (ייִדיש)
On album: R-005(a) (Songs Of My People/Tova Ronni/Orchestrated by Shmuel Fershko)
Track ID: 1226
Author/Composer Mindlin, Avrom
Artist Ronni, Tova -- רוני, טובֿה
Director/Arranger Fershko, Shmuel -- פֿערשקאָ, שמואל
First line: Lomir tantsn brider, zingen freylekh lider,
First line (Yiddish):לאָמיר טאַנצן ברידער, זינגען פֿרײלעך לידער, ס'לעבט ישׂראלס ייִדן..
Language: Yiddish

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