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Name: Mitamare, Elly, Alto

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Title: Bo'ah Dodi -- בּואה דודי
Author: Eliaz, R. -- אליעז, ר.
Composer: Lavry, Marc -- לברי, מרק
Genre: Israeli/Love
Subject: Night/Flowers/Garlands
Additional song notes: Come My Love
On album: I-010(a) (Songs of Hope)
Track ID: 2508
Vocal Mitamare, Elly, Alto
Artist: Tel Aviv Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Lavry, Marc -- לברי, מרק
First line: Layla yored, al hap'takhim, lakh mekhakim, kol haprakhim,
First line (Hebrew):לילה יורד, על הפּתחים, לך מחכּים, כּל הפּרחים,
Track comment: When dusk dexcends, and doorways darken; flowers wake...
Language: Hebrew

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