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Title: Fisher Lid -- פֿישער ליד
Also known as: Fishelekh
Author: Greenblatt, Aliza -- גרינבלאַט, עליזה
Composer: Greenblatt, Aliza -- גרינבלאַט, עליזה
Composer: Reimer, Issac
Genre: Literary Origin/Love
Subject: Fisherman/Occupation/Melancholy/Occupation
Origin: Grn TsL 7/Bugatch 115/Alb N-002(a)/Alb R-022(a)/ML PYS 34/Alb 007(a)
Transliteration: Bugatch 115/Alb L-004(d)/Alb N-002(a)/Alb R-022(a)/ML PYS 34/Alb B-007(a)/
Translation: Alb B-007(a)/Alb L-004(d)/Alb N-002(a)/Alb O-001(b)/Alb R-022(a)/Alb B-007(a)
Music: Grn TsL 7/Bugatch 115/ML PYS 34
Additional song notes: Org, Translit & Translat in Alb B-211(a)
On album: R-022(a) (Mazltov! Yiddish Folk Songs by Pearl Rottenberg & NAMA Orch)
Track ID: 5267
Artist Rottenberg, Pearl and NAMA Orch
Guitar Modell, Larry, guitar
First line: Fort a fisher oyfn yam, er fort aroys baginen, s'vil der...
First line (Yiddish):פֿאָרט אַ פֿישער אױפֿן ים, ער פֿאָרט אַרױס באַגינען, ס'װיל דער...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Yiddish

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