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Name: Mohar, Y. / Ehud Manor, Eng
Name (Yiddish): מוהר, י. \ אהוד מנור

Tracks with this artist

Title: The Straits of Tiran (Eng) -- אנחנו נעבּור
On album: xJ-001(b)
Track ID: 15220
Vocal Lavie, Aric
Author Mohar, Y. / Ehud Manor, Eng -- מוהר, י. \ אהוד מנור
Composer Wilensky, Moshe -- וילנסקי, משה
Vocal Amdursky, Benny
Arranger Weiss, Alex -- וויס, אלעקס,
First line: A bird is free to fly, because freedom has no border.
Track comment: "Recorded under title "The Straits of Tiran"

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