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Name: Molukhanova, Zara

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Title: Shlof Shlof Shlof (Shostakovich) -- שלאָף שלאָף שלאָף
Additional song notes: See "Cradle Song"
On album: S-009(b) (Shostakovitch Mussorgsky Kabalevsky)
Track ID: 2832
Russian Text Glob, A.
Vocal Dorliak, Nina
Vocal Molukhanova, Zara
Piano Shostakovitch, Dimitri
First line (Russian):שלאָף, שלאָף, שלאָף, דער טאַטע פֿאָרן קײַן...
Track comment: Recorded under title "The Solicitous Mother and Aunt"
Language: Russian

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