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Name: Moscovitz, Joseph

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Title: Moscowitz (Nign)
On album: K-042(d) (Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band with Adrienne Cooper FIRE)
Track ID: 26993
Composer Moscovitz, Joseph
Vocal Cooper, Adrienne -- קאָפּער, חנה־פֿריידע
Artist Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band
Arranger Bern, Alan

Title: Hora Batuta
Composer: Moskowitz, Joseph
Genre: Klezmer/Romanian/Dance/Instrumental
On album: K-092(a) (Yiddish & Klezmer Music/ From the Yale Collection of Historical Sound Recordings)
Track ID: 30744
Cymbalom Moscovitz, Joseph
Piano Hargy, Bela
Track comment: Originally recorded Washington, D.C., 1953, Romany RR-LP 2
Style: Instrumental
Length: 2:14

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