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Name: Nelson, Milt

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Title: Shir Habokrim -- שיר הבּוקרים
Also known as: Cowboy Lid
Also known as: Arava
Author: Orland, Yakov -- ארלנד, יעקב
Composer: Olari-Nozik, M. -- אולרי-נוזייק, מ.
Genre: Israeli/Place
Subject: Cowboys/Wasteland/Negev/Sheep
Origin: Netzer 89
Transliteration: Netzer 88
Translation: Alb A-031(a)
Music: Netzer 88
On album: M-014(a) (The Mishpokhe Yiddish and Israeli Songs and Dances)
Track ID: 13811
Artist Mishpokhe, The Family
Artist Nelson, Milt
First line: In the land they call galili, a new kind of breeze is...
First line:ערבה, ערבה אין קץ. עין הבּוֹקרים תּרה, לא ערער, לא דרדר לא עץ.
Track comment: Recorded under title "Aravah" (Wasteland) "ערבה"
Language: English/Hebrew

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