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Name: Olgin, M. (Yid)
Name (Yiddish): אָלגין, מ. (ייַדיש)

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Title: Die Moorsoldaten
Also known as: Peat Bog Soldiers
Also known as: Zumpland
Author: Langhoff, Wolfgang
Author: Esser Johann
Composer: Goguel, Rudi
Genre: Prisoner
Subject: Swamp/Concentration Camp/Borgermoor/
Origin: Gelb Zingt 17 (Yid)/Alb B-007(d)/Silverman TUF 3/Kinderland 30
Translation: Alb B-007(d)/Silverman TUF 3/Kinderland 30/Alb V0121
Music: Gelb Zingt 18/Silverman TUF 3
Additional song notes: Performed at a cultural night (Zirkus Konzentrati/Concentration - Camp Circus) in the Borgermoor Concentration Camp.
On album: S-093(a)1 (Leo Summergrad Yiddish Folksongs 1959 Vol 1 of 2)
Track ID: 23162
Yiddish Adaption Olgin, M. (Yid) אָלגין, מ. (ייַדיש)
Vocalist Summergrad, Leo
First line: Vu es tut dos oyg a blik, flakhe zumpland umentum.
First line (Yiddish):װוּ עס טוט דאָס אױג אַ בליק, פֿלאַכע זומפּלאַנד אומעטום.
Track comment: Translated from German Recorded under "Zumpland"
Language: Yiddish

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