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Name: Bass, Shmuel
Name (Yiddish): בס ,שמושל

Songs written or composed

Title: Max From The Income Tax
Author: Kroll, Bobby
Author: Bass, Shmuel -- בס ,שמושל
Composer: Kroll, Bobby
Composer: Bass, Shmuel -- בס ,שמושל
Genre: Theater/American/Pop
Subject: Confusion/Assets/Frozen/Attempt/Rejection/Pencil/Lead
Origin: T-077(a)
Additional song notes: Sung by Sophie Tucker


On album: T-007(a) (Music Of The Jewish People featuring Dave Tarras Orchestra)
Track ID: 42722
Vocal Tucker, Sophie
First line: Folks, there's a lot of confusion in the world today, but the most confusing…
Language: English
Style: Pop/American
Length: 2:36

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Sov Sov Sovivon (Heb) -- סב סב סביבוֹן (עבֿרית)
Author: Bas, Shmuel
Composer: Greenspan. Fuah -- גרינשׂפּון, פֿואה
Genre: Literary Origin/Holiday/Khanike/Places
Subject: Spin/Dreydl/Jerusalem/Givon/Beth-el, Jezreal
Origin: Ephemera 1432

Related information in folder 1432:On album: B-003(k) (Sidor Belarsky Chanukah Festival of Song)
Track ID: 14658
Author Bass, Shmuel -- בס ,שמושל
Composer Greenspan. Fuah -- גרינשׂפּון, פֿואה
Artist Belarsky, Sidor -- בעלאַרסקי, סידאָר
Artist Heifetz, Vladimir -- חפֿץ, װלאַדימיר
Narrator Kramer, Mandel
First line: Sov sov sovivon, miyerushalayim legivon, migivon sov ad..
First line (Hebrew):סב סב..סביבוֹן, מירוֹשלים לגבעוּן, מגבעוֹן סב עד בּית אל וּמשם…
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Hebrew
Style: Concert

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