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Name: Osofsky, Reuven
Name (Yiddish): אָסאָפֿסקי, ראוּבֿן

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Title: Zakhlekh In Droysn -- זאַכלעך אין דרױסן
On album: C-009(a) (Soul Of My People Sung by David Carey -- דאָס פֿאָלק זינגט)
Track ID: 17918
Composer Osofsky, Reuven -- אָסאָפֿסקי, ראוּבֿן
Artist Carey, David
Artist Rubinstein, Eli -- רובינשטײַן, עלי
First line: Ligt a federl atsi, shrayt dos federl, ikh fli,
First line:ליגט אַ פֿעדערל אַציִ, שרײַט דאָס פֿעדערל, איך פֿלי,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)

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