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Name: Overstreet, Benton W.

Songs written or composed

Title: There'll Be Some Changes Made
Author: Overstreet, Benton W.
Author: Blackstone, William
Composer: Overstreet, Benton W.
Composer: Blacksberg, Bernard
Genre: Theater/American/Pop
Subject: Love/Changes/Aging/Rejection/Change/Address/New Man/Plump
Origin: T-077(a)
Additional song notes: Sung by Sophie Tucker


On album: T-016(a) (The Last Of The Red Hot Mamas Sophie Tucker's Greatest Hits)
Track ID: 15276
Author Higgins, B.
Composer Overstreet, Benton W.
Artist Tucker, Sophie
First line: They say, don't change the old love for the new,

On album: T-007(a) (Music Of The Jewish People featuring Dave Tarras Orchestra)
Track ID: 42712
Vocal Tucker, Sophie
First line: They say don't change the old love for the new, you'll find out it will never do
Language: English
Style: Pop/American
Length: 2.56

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