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Title: The Highway (Eng)
On album: T-002(a) (Topol With The John McCarthy Singers & Goeff Love Orchestra)
Track ID: 15083
Author Asso, Raymond/ Herbert Kretzmer
Composer Poll, Leo
Vocal Topol, Chaim -- טופּול, חיים
Artist: Goeff Love Orchestra
Vocal John McCarthy Singers
First line: By a highway in the country, stood a gal with shining hair,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Subtitled "Un Juene Homme Chantait" Tranlat from French??

Title: Yiddish Bulgar -- ייִדיש בולראַר
Genre: Klezmer/Folk
On album: O-014(a) (Oytsres / Treasures / Klezmer Music 1908-1996 -- אוצרות \ כּלי-זמר מוזיק)
Track ID: 27830
Artist: Hymie Jacobson Orchestra
Clarinet Epstein, Max -- עפּשטײן, מאַקס
Tenor Saxaphone Pincus, Paul
Trumpet Polish Army Instrumental Ensemble
Drums Poll, Leo
Bass Pollack, Lou -- פּאָלעק, לאָו
Piano Hausman, Al
Track comment: Deluxe Records 1135 / Recorded New Jersey, December 1947
Style: Klezmer/Folk
Length: 002:42

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