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Name: Rein, S.

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Title: Children Of Silence
On album: C-014(a) (Yigal Calek Sings Children of Silence)
Track ID: 2758
Author Craimer, J.
Composer Rein, S.
Artist Calek, Yigal & Yad Bezemer Orch
First line: Children of silence, I hear your voice crystal clear,
Track comment: The London School of Jewish Song for Boys, - 45 rpm Album
Language: English

Title: Children Of Silence
On album: H-006(f) (Voice of Jewish Russia A Musical Panorama...)
Track ID: 2759
Composer Rein, S.
Artist Brachat, Adam
Artist Alyth Children's Chorus
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Hebrew

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