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Name: Reisel, Jacqueline, arr for harps.

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Title: Quando El Rey Nimrod
Also known as: Avram Ovinu
Genre: Sephardic/Ladino
Subject: Abraham/King Nimrod/Blessing/
Origin: Alb T-026(a)/Alb C-017(a)/Alb R-033(a)/Alb M-049(a)/Alb K-023(a)/Ephemera 1130
Transliteration: Alb C-017(a)/
Translation: Alb R-033(a)/Alb C-025(a)/Alb R-033(a)/Alb M-049(a)/Alb C-017(a)/Ephemera 1130

Related information in folder 1130:On album: R-033(a) (Songs In Yiddish and Ladino sung by Jacqueline Reisel)
Track ID: 2851
Artist Reisel, Jacqueline
Piano/Harpsichord Meter, Grietje
Artist Reisel, Jacqueline, arr for harps.
First line: Cuando el rey Nimrod Al campo salia, mirava en el cielo...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: When king Nimrod was riding across the fields, he looked...
Language: Ladino

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