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Name: Belina & Siegfried Behrend

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Title: Vos Zhe Vilstu ? -- װאָס זשע װילסטו ?
Also known as: Mayn Tayer Kind
Genre: Folk
Subject: Occupation/Husband/Mother/Daughter/Match
Origin: Bugatch 106
Transliteration: Silverman SJP 6/Alb R-001(a)/Gold Zem 156/Irza 17/Ephemera 1458
Translation: Alb H-006(a)/Alb R-001(a)/Silverman SJP 7/Bugatch 106/Ephemera 1458
Music: Silverman SJP 6/Gold Zem 155/Irza 17/Bugatch 106
Additional song notes: See Ephemera 80 for singable English adapation by Edith Finell. Ephemera 1458: See 2016 program for translat and translit

Related information in folder 737:On album: B-014(b) (Belina Siegfried Behrend Jiddish Songs "Es Brennt")
Track ID: 16745
Artist Belina & Siegfried Behrend
Arranger/Guitar Behrend, Siegfried
First line: Vos zhe vilstu, tokhterl, a shnayder far a man, a shnayder..
First line:װאָס זשע װילסטו, טאָכטערל, אַ שנײַדער פֿאַר אַ מאַן, אַ שנײַדער פֿאָר…
Track comment: Recording made in Germany

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