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Name: Rosen, Shmuel, Heb and Eng
Name (Yiddish): רוזן, שמואל

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Title: Shuv Lo Nelekh -- שוב לא מלך
Also known as: Rachel's Tomb
Also known as: Ro'ey Rakhl
Author: Rosen, Shmuel -- רוזן, שמואל
Composer: Netzer, Effi -- נצר, אפי
Genre: Israeli/Zionist
Subject: 6 Day War/Rachel/Return
Origin: Alb N-010(a)
Transliteration: Alb T-003(a)/Alb N-010(a)
Translation: AlbN-010(a)
On album: xJ-001(b)
Track ID: 12573
Author Rosen, Shmuel, Heb and Eng -- רוזן, שמואל
Composer Netzer, Effi -- נצר, אפי
Artist Lavie, Arik -- לביא, אריק
Arranger Kribushey, Dovid -- קריבושי, דוד
First line: Behold, the dust of roads, from old Jerusalem,
Track comment: Translated from the Hebrew.

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