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Name: Rotenberg, Abie

Songs written or composed

Title: Habeit -- הבט
Composer: Rotenberg, Abie
Genre: Acapella/Soft Rock
Subject: Persecution/Scorn/Derision/Nations/God/Faith/Supplication
Origin: Ephemera 1168
Additional song notes: From the Siddur (Evening Prayer Service)


On album: M-105(b) (Maccabeats/ Out of the Box)
Track ID: 36894
Vocal Greenberg, Michael
Vocal Abramowitz, Chanina
Vocal/Associate Director Jacobson, Noah "Noey"
Vocal/Associate Director Block, David
Vocal/Director Shalev, Immanuel
Vocal Maccabeats
Vocal Horowitz, Julian "Chaim"
Vocal Jay, Josh
Vocal Joel, Nachum
Vocal Lewis, Ari
Vocal/Percussion Prus, Mordy
Vocal Ritholtz, Jeff
Vocal Rosenberg, Buri
Vocal/Percussion Shapiro, Meir
Vocal Shefa, Yonatan
First line: Look down from heaven and see how we have become an object of scorn…
First line:הבת משמים־וראה כי היינו לעג וקלם בגוים נחשהנו כצאן לטבח יובל. להדוג־ולאבד...
Language: English/Hebrew
Style: Acapella/Soft Rock/Concert

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Who Am I (Eng)
On album: D-019(a)2 (A Time For Music Part II Mordechai Ben David & Others)
Track ID: 16987
Author/Composer/Artist Rotenberg, Abie
Artist Lamm, Yoel & Philharmonic Exper
Chorus 101 Talented Voices
First line: I have trouble with my words, they don't seem to come out...

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