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Title: Der Lamden -- דער למדן
Also known as: Der Lamden Reb Sender
Author: Rund, Morris
Composer: Weisser, Joshua S. -- ווייסער, יהושע ס.
Genre: Humorous/Lament
Subject: Poverty/Learning/Scholar/Sons/Ignorance/Sustenance/Peace
Origin: Sheet Music 1144
Transliteration: Sheet Music 1144
Music: Sheet Music 1144
On album: S-078(a) (Cantor Asher Sharf Sings Cantorial and Yiddish Masterpieces)
Track ID: 3212
Author Rund, Morris (?)
Composer Weisser, Joshua S. -- ווייסער, יהושע ס.
Vocal Sharf, Cantor Asher
Piano Lewis, Marvin, piano acc
First line: In beys-hamedresh baym shtender zitst der alter Reb Sender,
First line (Yiddish):אין בּית-המדרש בײַם שטענדער זיצט דער אַלטער רבּ סענדער,
Track comment: Recorded-"Der Lamden Reb Sender" credited to Rund Weisser ?
Language: Yiddish

Title: Menashe -- מנשה
Genre: Folk
Subject: Study/Faith/Family/Poverty/Wife
Origin: Vinkov 3 139/Alb A-003©
Transliteration: Vinkov 3 139/Alb A-003©
Translation: Vinkov 3 140/Alb A-003©
Music: Vinkov 3 138
On album: W-020(a) (Lomir Zinguen Rivka Klenetski Weiner -- לאָמיר זינגען חברשאַפֿט)
Track ID: 10294
Author Rund, Morris (?)
Composer Iofe, L. (?)
Artist Klenetski-Weiner, Rivka -- קלענעצקי-װײַנער, רבֿקה
Artist Wajner, Leon -- װײַנער, לעאָן
First line: Iz gezesn bay der gemore der alter Menashe un gelernent...
First line (Yiddish):איז געזעסן בײַ דער גמרה דער אַלטער מנשה און געלערנט מיט...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Words and lyrics as credited on the cassette notes.
Language: Yiddish

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