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Title: Yerusholaim Shel Zahav -- ירושלים של זהב
Also known as: Jerusalem Of Gold
Also known as: Yerusholaim Shtot Fun Gold
Author: Shemer, Naomi -- שמר, נעמי
Composer: Shemer, Naomi -- שמר, נעמי
Genre: Place/Israeli
Subject: Jerusalem/67 War
Song Comment: Yiddish Translation Ephemera 250
Origin: Alb I-001(b)/Bekol Ram 9/Alb B-032(a)/Alb F-007(c) [Yid]/
Transliteration: Bekol Ram 9/Alb B-032(a)/G-069(a)
Translation: G-069(a)/Alb B-076(a)/Alb C-023(h)/Alb F-007(c) [Yid]/Alb B-032(a)
Music: Netzer 21

Related information in folder 528:On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 17298
Artist Sabras
First line: The old trees stand in silence, upon the hills of time,
Track comment: Verses translated with Hebrew chorus.
Language: English/Hebrew

Title: Ho Yaldonet
Author: Jungreis, Bezalel
Composer: Jungreis, Bezalel
Genre: Israeli / Rock
Additional song notes: O Little Girl
On album: K-031(b) (Songs for the Jewish-American Jet Set/ The Tikva Records Story 1950-1973)
Track ID: 36774
Vocal Sabras
Sabras Member Zahavi, Ezra
Sabras Member Jungreis, Bezalel
Guitar/Sabras Leader Levy, Yossi Saffie -- יוסי לוי
Language: Hebrew
Style: Pop/Rock
Length: 3:02

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