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Title: Shuvi Nafshi (Zalis) -- שׁובי נפשי (זאַליס)
Also known as: Psalm 116:07-11
Genre: Biblical/Psalm/Hallel
Subject: Rest/Return/Soul/Deliverence/Error/Haste/Psalm 126:07-11
On album: xR-006(a)
Track ID: 12463
Composer Schapsoschnik
Artist Roth, Cantor Leo
Artist Leipzig Syanagogue Choir
Orchestra Conductor Sander, Werner
First line: Shuvi nafshi lemnokhiv ki adonay nomal alokhi,
First line:שׁובי נפשי למנוחיבי כּי-יהיה נמל עליעי:
Track comment: With Members of Leipzig Radio Symphony Orch

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