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Name: Schofer, Larry, Narration

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Title: Eliyahu Hanovi -- אליהוּ הנביא
Also known as: Elijah
Genre: Holiday/Peysekh/Havdola
Subject: Elijah/Prophet
Origin: Alb M-029(a)/Coopersmith NJS 56/Alb Y-003(b)/Alb B-033(f)
Transliteration: Alb M-029(a)/Coopersmith NJS 56/Alb Y-003(b)/Alb B-067(a)
Translation: Alb M-029(a)/Coopersmith NJS 56/Alb B-067(a)
Music: Coopersmith NJS 56

Related information in folder 1118:On album: P-032(a) (Songs For A Secular Celebration of Pesach)
Track ID: 26776
Artist Marks, Ruth
Artist Schofer, Larry, Narration
First line: Eliyahu hanovi, eliyahu hatishbi, eliyahu, eliyahu,
First line (Hebrew):אליהוּ הנביא, אליהו התּשבּי, אליהוּ, אליהוּ, אליהוּ הגלעדי,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Part of Secular Seder
Language: Hebrew

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