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Name: Sharabi, N.
Name (Yiddish): שרעבי, נ.

Songs written or composed

Title: Eliyahu Hanovi (Sharabi) -- אליהוּ הנביא (שרעבי)
Author: Sharabi, N. -- שרעבי, נ.
Composer: Sharabi, N. -- שרעבי, נ.
Genre: Ritual/Prayer/Havdole
Subject: Elijah
Song Comment: Appears to be a Havdola prayer
Translation: Cassette H-029(a)


On album: H-029(a) (A Fire Burns Robyn Helzner)
Track ID: 4611
Vocal/Rhythm Guitar Helzner, Robyn
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Elijah, End our troubles, keep us from harm, end our captivity...
Language: Hebrew
Style: Mediterannean/Folk/Pop

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Debka Haabir
On album: N-010(c) (Effi Netzer & Beit Rotschild Singers & Band)
Track ID: 2954
Author/Composer Sharabi, N. -- שרעבי, נ.
Artist Bayit Rotschild Singers and Band
Conductor Netzer, Effi -- נצר, אפי
Language: Hebrew

Title: Debka Ouria (Suite Yemenite)
On album: T-015(e) (Chants Et Danses D'Israel Kol Aviv)
Track ID: 21619
Composer Sharabi, N. -- שרעבי, נ.
Artist Kol Aviv Ensemble
Artist: Kol Aviv Ensemble
Track comment: Ba Hakhmekh/ Dror Yikra/ Debka Ouria

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