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Name: Sharabi, Yoel
Name (Yiddish): שרעבי, יואל

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Title: Keytsad Merakdin Lifney Hakala -- כּיצד מרקדין לפני הכּלה
On album: M-038(a) (Harmony Songs of Cecelia Margules)
Track ID: 7954
Composer Margules, Cecelia
Artist Sharabi, Yoel -- שרעבי, יואל
Artist: Ken Gross Orchestra
First line: Keytsad merakdim lifney hakala.
First line:כּיצד מרקדים לפני הכּלה.
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: What do we say while dancing before the bride?

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