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Name: Shubert, Franz
Born: 1797
Died: 1828

Songs written or composed

Title: Shubert's Serenade -- שובערטס סערענאַדע
Author: Halpern, Moyshe Leyb -- האַלפּערן, משה לײב
Composer: Shubert, Franz
Genre: Literary Origin/Adaptation/Love
Subject: Prayers/Forest/Love/Moonlight/Fearless/Nightengales/Hearts/J
Origin: Sheetmusic
Transliteration: Sheetmusic
Translation: Sheetmusic
Music: Sheetmusic
Additional song notes: Yiddish Adaptation by Moyshe Leyb Halpern English Adaptationby J. J. Margolis

Sheet music:

Folder: 14
Series: 1
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Texts: Transliteration/Translation
Publisher: Joseph P. Katz
Publisher address: New York City
Date: 1914
Provenance: Gift of Barbara Moskow, March 2014
First line: Shtile shvebn mayne tfiln durkh der nakht tsy dir,…
First line (Yiddish): שטילע שוועבן מײַנע תּפֿילהות צו דיר, שײַן איז איצט אין גאָרטן, שטיל...
Notes: Printed Sheet Music / Yiddish fun M. L. Halpern / English version by J. H. Margulies/ My prayer floats quietly to you…

Title: Der Yungling An Der Quelle
Author: Gaudenz von Salis-Seewis, Johann
Composer: Shubert, Franz
Genre: Classical/Love
Subject: Spring (Well)/Flow/Love/Rejection/Sigh/Yearing
Transliteration: Sheet Music
Translation: Sheet Music
Additional song notes: The Youth To The Spring

Sheet music:

Folder: 24
Series: 1
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Translator: Constance Purdy
Texts: German/English
Publisher: Oliver Ditson Company
Date: 1928
Provenance: Gift of Barbara Moskow, March 2014
First line: Leise rieselnder Quell! Ihr wallenden flispernden papplen!
Notes: Printed Sheet Music/ Price 50 Cents, When the rebbe Elimelekh became very happy…he sent for his fiddlers three

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Selikeit (German)
On album: F-035(a) (Rita Falbel Between Jewish Past & Future Timepieces)
Track ID: 13313
Author Hoelty, Ludwig (1773)
Composer Shubert, Franz
Artist Falbel, Rita
First line: Freuden sonder zahl bluehn im himmelssaal, engeln und...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Joys without number blossom in heavenly halls,

Title: Tov Lehodes -- טוֹב להדוֹת
Also known as: Psalm 092:02
Genre: Biblical/Religious
Subject: Psalm 092:02
Transliteration: Alb M-030(a)
Translation: Vorbei 363
On album: B-053(a) (Jewish Synagogal Music Baruch Brothers Choir (Yugoslavia) -- מוסיקה לבית הכּנסת)
Track ID: 15428
Composer Shubert, Franz
Artist Baruch Brothers Choir
Director Savic, Dejan
First line (Hebrew):טוֹב להדוֹת ליהיה ולומר לשמך עליון
Track comment: It is good to give thanks unto the Lord and to sing...
Language: Hebrew

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